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In this course you’ll quickly learn how to successfully take advantage of the super-powerful Microsoft Project tool. From the moment you enroll, you’ll immediately begin to build and polish your project scheduling, tracking, and management skills. As soon as you begin, I will lead you step by step from the most basic project management concepts to your scheduling mastery. So that you can confidently tackle any scheduling problem better than ever before.
Module 1 First Things First
Before you jump in and begin to enjoy your training, please allow me to welcome you to the course and to introduce myself. I’d like to give you some tips and tricks on how to learn Microsoft Project in this online course. If you’ve had a brush with MS Project, you may already know that it’s not an intuitive kind of application. It requires a systematic approach, if you want to systematically transform your skills. Let’s do a quick icebreaker in this module. So that your learning curve is nice and smooth.
Unit 1 Welcome to Microsoft-Project-Training Online Course
Unit 2 How to Learn Microsoft Project
Module 2 Let's Begin to Learn Microsoft Project
In this section we begin using Microsoft Project scheduling software package. You'll learn a few important best practices.
Unit 1 Microsoft Project User Interface
Unit 2 Quiz: MS Project User Interface
Unit 3 MS Project File Properties
Module 3 Project Calendar
Microsoft Project is a scheduling application. That is why a calendar is a fundamental element of any MS Project schedule. In this module you'll learn exactly how to create and assign a custom project calendar.
Unit 1 Create and Assign a Project Calendar
Unit 2 Quiz: MS Project Calendar Tool
Module 4 Learn How to Work with Tasks in Microsoft Project
Project scheduling means working with tasks, resources, and calendars. In this section you will learn how to work with tasks in Microsoft Project.
Unit 1 How to List Tasks in MS Project
Unit 2 Quiz: Listing Tasks in MS Project
Unit 3 How to Insert and Outline Tasks
Unit 4 Quiz: Outlining Tasks
Unit 5 Learn About Project Task Dependencies and Relationships
Unit 6 Quiz: Task Dependencies and Relationships
Unit 7 How to Specify Project Task Relationships
Unit 8 How to Modify Project Task Relationships
Unit 9 Milestones with Non-zero Duration
Unit 10 How to Change Project Start Date to Move Your Project
Unit 11 Recurring Tasks
Unit 12 Task Constraints
Unit 13 Quiz: Task Constraints
Unit 14 Task Deadlines
Unit 15 Quiz: Task Deadlines
Unit 16 Banana Task or Hammock Task - Tasks With Flexible Durations
Unit 17 Project Summary Task
Unit 18 Work Breakdown Structure - WBS Code
Unit 19 Exploring MS Project Views
Unit 20 Elapsed Task Durations
Unit 21 Quiz: Elapsed Durations
Module 5 Critical Path Method
What is Critical Path? Why is Critical Path important? Here you will finally completely understand the Critical Path Method of prioritizing project activities.
Unit 1 What is Critical Path?
Unit 2 How to Display Critical Path
Unit 3 Free Slack vs. Total Slack (Float)
Unit 4 Quiz: Critical Path
Module 6 Working With Resources in MS Project
It is time to learn how to work with resources in Microsoft Project 2013. Here we learn to set up resources, assign resources, and level resources in MS Project software.
Unit 1 How to Setup Resources in MS Project
Unit 2 How to Assign Resources to Tasks
Unit 3 Resource Leveling
Module 7 Microsoft Project Views - How to Display What's Important
Here we learn about Views and Tables in Microsoft Project. These are important for understanding how to display project information in MS Project.
Unit 1 Views and Tables
Module 8 Microsoft Project Fields
Here we start to become more comfortable with Microsoft Project fields. We also learn about custom fields in MS Project.
Unit 1 Working With Fields
Unit 2 Custom Text Field
Unit 3 Custom Flag Field
Module 9 Project Management Baselines in MS Project
Here we learn about project baselines: Schedule Baseline, Scope Baseline, Cost Baseline, re-baselining and other important concepts of MS Project
Unit 1 What is Project Baseline?
Unit 2 How to Set Project Baseline in Microsoft Project
Unit 3 Quiz: Project Management Baselines
Module 10 How to Track Your Project's Schedule
Our project plan is approved, we set the project plan baseline, now we start the work and begin project tracking. Let's learn how to track projects in MS Project.
Unit 1 Percent Complete
Unit 2 Mark On-track - Update Task Command
Unit 3 Update Project Command
Unit 4 The Tracking Table
Unit 5 Quiz: Project Tracking
Module 11 Learn How to Manage Multiple Projects in Microsoft Project
Managing multiple projects with Microsoft Project. Multi-project environment. Master schedule and sharing resources by several projects.
Unit 1 Master Schedule
Unit 2 How to Share Resources
Unit 3 How to Use Task Priority Levels
Unit 4 Quiz: Multi-project Environment
Module 12 Microsoft Project Task Types
Here we learn the most important scheduling concepts built into Microsoft Project. Effort Driven Scheduling vs. Non-effort Driven Scheduling, and task types: Fixed Duration, Fixed Work, Fixed Units.
Unit 1 Microsoft Project Task Types
Unit 2 Effort-Driven and Non-Effort-Driven Scheduling and Three Task Types Examples
Unit 3 Quiz: Effort-driven Scheduling
Module 13 Take Advantage of MS Project Timeline View
Here you will learn how to use the very awesome timeline view in MS Project.
Unit 1 MS Project Timeline View
Unit 2 Timeline as a Separate View
Unit 3 Timeline Formatting
Unit 4 Timeline Copying and Presenting
Unit 5 Timeline View - Some More Options
Module 14 How to Take Advantage of Custom Views and Custom Tables
We continue exploring MS Project Views and Tables and we learn to create custom views and custom tables in Microsoft Project. You basically customize MS Project tool and adapt it to your needs.
Unit 1 Custom Tables
Unit 2 Custom Views
Unit 3 On Combination Views
Module 15 Microsoft Project Reports
Here you'll learn how to create MS Project reports.
Unit 1 MS Project Reports
Unit 2 Pre-built Reports
Unit 3 Working With Task Tables
Unit 4 Working With Resource Tables
Unit 5 MS Project Charts
Unit 6 Resource Costs Charts
Unit 7 Inserting Images from Files in Microsoft Project
Unit 8 Inserting Shapes
Unit 9 Working with Text Boxes
Unit 10 The Manage Button
Unit 11 Copy and Paste Reports
Module 16 Printing in MS Project
Here you will learn about all you need to know about printing in MS Project
Unit 1 How to Print in Microsoft Project
Module 17 Solving Real-World Scheduling Problems
In this module you'll find solutions to some real-world project-scheduling problems.
Unit 1 Instruments Scheduling
Unit 2 Instruments Scheduling Problem
Module 18 A few Finishing Touches
There are a few things left for you to do, before you wrap up the course, receive your certificate of completion and begin to celebrate. Let's zoom though them quickly.
Unit 1 Course Feedback
Unit 2 Share the Love
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